Chapeau Europa

Opening Ceremony

Brussels, BEL

To underline the Belgian Presidency of the European Union in an appropriate manner, the opening ceremony blended the forms of a lovely popular holiday, enhanced by an incredible street spectacle set in the Brussels Grand’Place, one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

Halfway between the music hall and theatre, Chapeau Europa, staged by Luc Petit under the artistic direction of Franco Dragone, brought together more than 200 artists originating from the four corners of the old continent: singers, dancers, musicians, puppeteers, … and in the air, strange machines, including a celestial chime, thousands of points of light and an artistic reminder of the European flag, with percussionists and bell ringers at its edge. 
Emblematic object of the spectacle: the “bowler hat”, reference to the world of Magritte, a powerful symbol of a creative Belgium.



Artistic direction