décrocher la lune I II III

Urban Opera

La Louvière, BEL

Franco Dragone, Luc Petit, the Regional Arts Centre of La Louvière and the City of La Louvière joined forces to offer to the latter’s citizens an astonishing urban show mixing, in a great surge of generosity, professional and amateur artists, music and fireworks, parades and disguises.

The show’s designers created the symbolic character, Sancho, a giant puppet representing the collective imagination and the social engagement of a mixed-race population.The idea was to create a dreamlike show that gave people another image of their daily world than the one that they had and especially to get them to participate fully in this new kind of ritual, this Utopian search full of energy and hope for better preparing the future.

In 2002 and 2006, La Louvière was again reunited with its hero, Sancho, who, once again, took down the moon at the top of the Church.

The third edition benefited from the extraordinary participation of the singer and musician, Catherine Lara, and several street theatre companies of international renown, without forgetting the numerous young volunteers from the region.


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