Décrocher la Lune V

Urban Opera

La Louvière, BEL

Franco Dragone Entertainment Group called upon the talent of Luc Petit for the fifth time to design and stage the urban opera Décrocher la Lune.
On Saturday 29th September 2012, superheroes were invited to the town centre of La Louvière.
Set in a chaotic economic and political context, it was the heroes – from  the most renowned to the heroes of  everyday life – who helped Sancho to face the obstacles and take down the moon.
They all came together on stage, and on screen, but also among the crowd. Everyone there was asked to dress up as a hero for the occasion!
Extraordinary ingredients for an exceptional show, shared by more than 
30,000 spectators and broadcast live on all the regional TV channels.
Sancho was faced with a whole lot of 
“baddies” from Star Wars, spreading terror throughout the town, led by the fearsome Joker who had come to steal the moon!

To thwart these Machiavellian plans, Sancho was able to count on the everyday warriors of La Louvière, but also on other famous allies: Akhenaton, the famous rapper, who had come to sing a song specially written for the occasion and the dance group 2Mad, spotted after appearing on several TV programmes.

Daniele Bossi’s astonishing recycled costumes contributed to the metamorphosis of Mr and Mrs Joe Blogs into superheroes, while tightrope walkers and dancers on buildings delighted the public with their rhythmic aerial dances to the music of the Orchestre Lunaire, conducted by Eloi Baudimont.

The work of Mr Zo, which involved coordinating the professional and amateur performers, once again helped to make this event a true folk festival.

And for the grand finale, the only female human cannonball in the world shot through the air to help Sancho take down the moon from a sky magically lit up by the fireworks designed by Parente, the famous Italian company.

Another crowd success for the fifth edition of Décrocher la Lune whose design, staging and production were entrusted to the Luc Petit CREATION team, under the artistic direction of Franco Dragone.

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