Urban Opera

La Louvière, BEL

For his 6th edition, Décrocher la Lune has dreamt big !
Remaining true to its tradition and as a real citizen project initiated by 
Franco Dragone, this urban opera wanted to involve a huge number of regional artists in this show. And this is how 650 volunteers, including 200 related to belonging to a permanent troupe called “lunaires”, have participated in 8 workshops and have collaborated with 200 professional artists and technicians to make this show happen.

Sancho began his conquest of space, accompanied by more than 300 clowns, singers, aerial dancers, tightrope walkers, waders and fantastic animals moving in a stunning set.

He is helped by 7 new friends. For this special year of 
Mons2015 – European cultural capital, La Louvière has invited her twin cities to create big giants as Sancho’s friends.

And if everybody had taken down the moon to find the sun, they have also brought smiles to the faces of the 35000 people in the audience, happy to be there, happy to be part of this amazing folk festival, including all the tele-spectators who have had the opportunity to follow the show live behind theirs tv screen. Luc Petit has succeeded in the crazy challenge to bring together all the characters in a wonderful parade, which transformed, for one night, a city into a splendid colorful circus. As a conductor, he gave life to a score mixing dance, theater, music and fireworks with a touch of humor.

A Real living fresco, thanks to the local volunteers, who have become as the years have gone by real artists, Décrocher la Lune has woken up hopes and lit up faces until the next time.

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Tea Awards 2017 in California USA for Outstanding Achievement Live Event Spectacular on a Limited Budget


4 Awards at the EuBea 2016 in 


Silver Award at the Bea 2016 in