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Luc PETIT has not yet finished making you dream


Corporate Show

Brussels, BEL

On the 11th September 2009, the closing show of the evening celebrating the centenary of the BESIX building firm was presented in the Grand Palais du Heysel.
Luc PETIT had designed a vertiginous show, especially for BESIX’s privileged guests, which had to be as impressive as the event itself. Aerial ballets, dancers, acrobats and performers punctuated this unforgettable


Corporate show

Lint, BEL

In a studio equipped with an indoor swimming pool, Luc PETIT imagined a transparent stage flooded in smoke and lighting effects. This special place was designed for acrobatic performances reflecting TELENET’s guiding lines. A 12-metre high tower, serving as a video screen, broke through the surface of the water. Divers suddenly appeared to perform increasingly spectacular dives.


Corporate show

Donetsk, UKR

In collaboration with FILMMASTER EVENTS, a company known for the creation of large ceremonies including the TURIN AND SOTCHI OLYMPIC GAMES, Luc PETIT conceived a corporate show in Ukraine for METINVEST set on a floating stage.

Les Carillons
du Ciel

Heritage Opera

Liège, BEL

Horses, actors of the Christmas story.
Wishing, once again, to surprise and innovate, Luc PETIT chose to stage the story written by his friend, Michel TEHEUX, by bringing horses into Liège Cathedral.
For the first time in this sacred place, a track was created all along the nave so that the spectators could be as close as possible to this poetic choreography.
Accompanying the equestrian ballet were dancers, veritable angel bell-ringers, sparkling with a thousand lights in their golden costumes, moving to the sound of the tunes played by a group of saxophone players.


Fashion Show from Juste Pour Rire Festival

Montreal, CAN

This strange name conceals a completely wild cabaret, created by Luc PETIT and Danielle ROY for the outdoor part of the Juste pour Rire Festival in Montreal.
A mixture of circus and humour, this colourful show brought together the best performances from the world of clowns, circuses and urban arts in essentially visual numbers. On a stage upon which rested an immense pink shoe, Rockette-style dancers, barkers, humorists and tambourinists brought joy and good humour to tens of thousands of festival-goers.
A true moment of entertainment under the leadership of the Master of Ceremonies, Rene Bazinet, the extraordinary clown from the Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco show.


Corporate Show

Geneva, CHE

AMWAY CHINA invited 1 200 of its distributors to Geneva for an extraordinary evening gala. The scenery of the show included a central stage and four side stages surrounded by 220 metres of video screens.
Designed like a time-machine, a succession of exceptional scenes moved across the screens.


Fashion Show from Juste Pour Rire Festival

Montreal, CAN

To celebrate Street Arts at the Juste pour Rire Festival in MontrealLuc PETIT and Danielle ROY presented a large spectacle starring Rose and Victor, the Festival’s emblematic characters.
Each evening tens of thousands of spectators gathered for the “Big Kiss”, an incredible production revealing Rose’s and Victor’s love for one another.
This year, Rose, accompanied by her entourage, an oriental caravan, joined the little green gentleman, Victor, who was waiting for her at the top of a giant shoe in order to kiss her to the music of Celine DION. To consecrate the passion binding the two lovers, more than two hundred artists were assembled on stage, surrounded by mid-air performances.
A spectacular kiss was the moment of pure emotion and the climax of the evening!


Fashion Show

Saint-Tropez, FRA

Challenging all the codes of fashion, Luc PETIT stages the collection of the Belgian ready-to-wear brand like a real show.
It is in an imaginary and marvelous country that the models, like modern-day Alice’s, presented the brand’s romantic and ultra-feminine models. As a mirror, a circular water screen – alternating between projected images, rain pearls and snowflakes – was a real eye-catcher.
A total show combining the energy of the wild dancers, the emotion of an intimate tango and the arrival of a superb female rider on the catwalk.
A surrealist parade for this Belgian label.

Expo Cédric


Charleroi, BEL

Dupuis Editions and the City of Charleroi celebrated in style the 20th birthday of Cédric, the famous cartoon character created by LAUDEC and CAUVIN.
An exhibition, the scenography of which was entrusted to Luc PETIT, was devoted to him in the Palais des Beaux Arts and presents a day in the life of the nice young hero via a recreational, interactive and familial itinerary.


Opening Ceremony

Montreal, BEL

Tens of thousands of people invaded the downtown area of Montreal for the inauguration of the Place du Quartier of shows.
The Montrealians had thus assembled to attend the ‘Grand Baiser’, a show produced under the joint artistic direction of Danielle ROY and Luc PETIT.
Poetry was to the fore on this lovely summer night with a lunar Pierrot sitting on a piano literally propelled 20 feet into the air by the water jets of the fountains, and a loving couple dancing gracefully in the Montreal sky against the silhouette of the buildings of this fully revived District.
With the exceptional participation of Diane DUFRESNE and Dj Champion.