Illuminator of mystery, enchanter and messenger of history
Luc PETIT has not yet finished making you dream


Corporate Show

Brussels, BEL

An immense hangar, walls draped with heavy black velvet curtains within which a majestic stage had been erected, all of this made up the setting offered by Tour & Taxis for Luc PETIT’s new creation for Belgacom / Proximus under the artistic direction of Franco DRAGONE.
The guests attended a brand new show concept, involving not only dancers, acrobats, rhythm and poetry, but also physical performance and technical prowess by offering for the first time projections on a 3D screen for a totally unexpected visual effect. Surprise was also to the fore with the appearance of an airship flying over the auditorium.


Opening Ceremony

Bilbao, ESP

‘Bilbao 2008, Space Odyssey’ could have been the other name of this new celestial urban opera conceived by Luc PETIT.

After having `Taken down the moon’ in La Louvière, it was this time on the moon itself that all the inhabitants and visitors of Bilbao were invited to discover a show drawing inspiration from Georges Méliès, Hergé, Stanley Kubrick and Jules Verne.
A magical fire organ and an immaculate giant, fantastic characters and whimsical astronauts, luminous scenography, percussions and shooting stars, an aerial ballet and some imposing fireworks took place in a space that could accommodate 25,000 spectators, and whose configuration was reminiscent of a crater’s.


Heritage Opera

Liège, BEL

After an immense first success, Luc PETIT and Michel TEHEUX returned with a new creation. A fairy-like show combining projections, sets of actors and dances, lighting effects, sound effects and music, and shadow figures: the magic of some extraordinary staging. So that the Sky itself can dream of immigrating to the Earth.
To once again recount the eternal story of Christmas but with a different approach.

La parade blanche

Grand Show

Montreal, CAN

To bring the Juste Pour Rire Festival in Montreal to a close, the designer Danielle ROY had made a crazy wager with Luc PETIT : that of gathering together nearly 800 festival-goers and transforming them into street artists for an evening.
After ten days of intensive preparatory workshops during which they created costumes, accessories and make-up, learnt how to handle lighting and to stroll with Mr. ZO and attended percussion courses supervised by Samajam, they joined the local and international artists in order to offer an imposing carnival to a crowd of more than 100,000 spectators.

Plaisirs d’hiver

Christmas Show

Brussels, BEL

Guest of honour of Belgium‘s largest Christmas market, the Walloon Region chose to feature one of the sectors in which it excels: cartoons.
‘Cartoons’ was the theme of the Place Ste Catherine decorations as well as the topic of the show staged by Luc PETIT.
There, one could see some Spirou grooms, Spirou himself, a Smurf and of course Father Christmas for an enchanting and moving show that was made for the sharing of a fairy-like moment with the public.
For the delight of small and big alike.


Corporate Show

Anvers, BEL

“Love, Work, Play”, the slogan of Mobistar, and its four coloured squares inspired Luc PETIT for the central element of his show.
Facing a giant cube, the audience took their seats and witnessed the appearance and disappearance of the artists, thanks to a subtle play of two-way mirrors and perfectly choreographed stage entries and exits.
From this cube emerged impressive Banquine and Chinese mat acts, a magician, and an exceptional suspended hoop performance given by Irina Bouglione.
A production realized in collaboration with Bananas.


Corporate Show

Brussels, BEL / Utrecht, NLD / Estoril, PRT

It was to Luc PETIT that the prestigious Nespresso coffee brand entrusted the presentation of its new machines at shows staged in Brussels, Utrecht and EstorilLattissima is the strength of coffee and the sweetness of milk. Ingredients that were echoed on the stage.
Powerful tableaus with the exceptional participation of Los Vivancos, world class Flamenco dancers known for having accompanied the singer, Mylène Farmer. Moments of emotion with light baroque ballets and wonderfully poetic aerial numbers. A water curtain, image projections, magic and actors in the colours of coffee capsules completed this mixture where all the senses were awakened.
A production realized in collaboration with Bananas.


Heritage Opera

Liège, BEL

Luc PETIT and Michel TEHEUX recount the Nativity like no-one before.
A trampoline in the choir, a tightrope-walker who crosses the nave, a giant screen for projections, actors in costumes created by the designer Kaat TILLEY, dancers including one imprisoned in a large transparent ball, such are the elements of this imposing show presented in the Cathedral of Liege.
For the finale, snow fell even in the spacious Gothic nave.


Corporate Show

Vienna, AUT

A sumptuous setting, the Hofburg Palace of Vienna, and a succession of scenes that evoked the beauty, refinement and elegance of the Austrian capital.
Luc PETIT drew magic from all the disciplines to revisit the Austrian symbols and traditions, in his own way.
An incredible moment: the take-off of a grand piano, a spectacular act that was owed to the cabaret magician and illusionist, Dani LARY.
The spectators were spell-bound by this show directed by Luc PETIT under the artistic direction of Franco DRAGONE.


Fashion Show

Brussels, BEL

It was at the Cityscape Centre that Edouard VERMEULEN, for the Maison NATAN, presented the Belgian Delegation‘s official uniforms for the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games of Beijing.
An exceptional fashion procession staged by Luc PETIT, who was magically able to combine the world of sport and the world of fashion.
Music and light punctuated the strides of the models, who included the Belgian athletes Bob MAESEN and Kim GEVAERT. A show of complete elegance!
A production realized in collaboration with Top Secret Communication.