Illuminator of mystery, enchanter and messenger of history
Luc PETIT has not yet finished making you dream


Opening Ceremony

Macau, CHN

Luc PETIT was responsible for staging the inauguration of the ALTIRA HOTEL in Macau. CHOW Yun-fat, one of the greatest Chinese actors of today also travelled from afar for this extraordinary event. A highly impressive spectacle with, as a finale, a gigantic fireworks display organised by GROUP F.


Fashion Show

Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, BEL

Luc PETIT choreographed the fifth “Second Hand, Second Life” procession of the Petits Riens which was held in the Leeuw-Saint-Pierre Textile Sorting Centre.
Twenty-one fashion designers, among whom great names such as Delvaux, E. Vermeulen, C. Thomass and G. Watelet, delved into the piles of fabric in order to give them a second life. Luc Petit too was in tune with the designers’ situation. His astonishing, colourful dancers, clowns, artists and his jester pierrots were also dressed in second-hand clothing that made for a show combining beauty and finesse.


Brussels , BEL

To symbolise the Ernst & Young et Cap Gemini merger, Luc PETIT staged an exceptional evening.
After buffets were organized for the members of the two groups, they were invited to gather around an immense fabric circle. The show could start, the velum rose on the central stage and the guests finally discovered themselves, now belonging to the same big company.
A baroque spectacle inspired by the four elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth.


Corporate Show

Brussels, BEL

Belgacom entrusted the creation of its Christmas Party to Dragone.

It was on the stage of the prestigious Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels that the show conceived and designed by Luc PETIT for the occasion took place : a combination of magnificent acrobatics, projections, characters and costumes…
The whole accompanied by a classical orchestra guided by the masterful hand of Jean-Paul DESSY, composer and conductor of international renown. An extraordinary, colourful and fairy-like event !

Les Gueules Noires

Commemoration Show

Charleroi, BEL

As the apotheosis of the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the Marcinelle catastrophe, was a show-event created by Luc PETIT that retraced the history of immigration, the life of coal miners and the Marcinelle tragedy, as well as the life in Bois du Cazier today.
Former miners and children were an integral part of the show, some carrying Cases of Hope, others Lanterns of Memory. The scenography was accompanied by original pieces of music and audio-visual projections.
An original procession, a novel discovery of the illuminated site, an unforgettable commemorative spectacle… a great moment imbued with dignity, strong images, poetry and emotion.


Opening Ceremony

Brussels, BEL

The splendid inauguration of the new Brussels Casino, an event that lived up to all its promises.

For the occasion, a magnificent acrobatic show orchestrated by Luc PETIT, a highly colourful show marked by a “James BONDIAN” atmosphere and a glamorous ambience, especially when the actress Emmanuelle BÉART cast the golden ball, the Golden Roulette Ball, which symbolised the casino’s official opening.

A dazzling, memorable evening… enough to make you lose your marbles!!!

ernst & young 15th years

Corporate Show

Brussels, BEL

Following the success of the “Cap Gemini” a concept-show that he had previously designed for the Ernst & Young merger, the universally known company has, once again, placed its faith in Luc PETIT by asking him to create a themed gala evening for its 15th anniversary.
A novel, poetic and contemporary scenery had been conceived, in which the guests in attendance could saunter, just for the pleasure of their eyes.


Opening Ceremony

Brussels, BEL

As the grand finale, a show designed by Luc PETIT around the theme of wind, energy and… wind turbines.

Various international artists, high-wire dancers, trapeze artists, acrobats, balloon dancers and a superb fireworks display guaranteed a spectacular, breathtaking show…


Opening Ceremony

Brussels, BEL

In the context of the Brussels International Show Jumping, Luc PETIT conceived, under the artistic direction of Franco DRAGONE, the opening spectacle of the important equestrian event: ZARABANDA.

The heart and soul of this original spectacle revolved around the story of a gipsy wedding. Evolving between magic and unconditional love, the spectacle evoked the values of the wedding and the pleasures of the party in a warm and colourful saraband, a harmonious mixture of joyous folk orchestras, brass bands and choirs, subtle interplay where the rhythm of the dance resounded as an echo to the horses’ hooves, a great poetic party, punctuated with fire, a worthy incarnation of the inner fire that enflamed the gipsies’ hearts.

In this lovely illuminated evening, the soul of the party, a massive one, was shared with an audience that was enchanted, as though… under a spell.

Disney cinéma parade

Grand Parade

Disneyland Paris, FRA

DISNEY chose Franco DRAGONE, Luc PETIT and Danielle ROY to design and create the DISNEY CINEMA PARADE, a playful and poetic parade that paid homage to the Seventh Art by celebrating the great Disney classics. Although modern it remained faithful to Disney’s imaginary world.