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Luc PETIT has not yet finished making you dream


Opening Ceremony

Thieu, BEL

A lift that is 135 metres long, 75 metres wide and 110 metres high!
To inaugurate this lift – the largest in the world – Luc PETIT conceived a show for the DRAGONE COMPANY. This show was imbued with poetry and fairyhood where, on a stream of water, a boat, a tightrope walker and some dancers met one another.

But also a great white giant, a symbol for that gigantic structure that is unequalled throughout the world! An inaugural, resolutely colourful show supported by magnificent projections, an exceptional display of fireworks and an astonishing ballet of powered parachuting.

chapeau europa

Opening Ceremony

Brussels, BEL

To underline the Belgian Presidency of the European Union in an appropriate manner, the opening ceremony blended the forms of a lovely popular holiday, enhanced by an incredible street spectacle set in the Brussels Grand’Place, one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

Halfway between the music hall and theatre, Chapeau Europa, staged by Luc PETIT under the artistic direction of Franco DRAGONE, brought together more than 200 artists originating from the four corners of the old continent: singers, dancers, musicians, puppeteers, … and in the air, strange machines, including a celestial chime, thousands of points of light and an artistic reminder of the European flag, with percussionists and bell ringers at its edge.

Emblematic object of the spectacle: the “bowler hat”, reference to the world of MAGRITTE, a powerful symbol of a creative Belgium.


Urban Opera

La Louvière, BEL

Franco DRAGONE, Luc PETIT, the Regional Arts Centre of La Louvière and the City of La Louvière joined forces to offer to the latter’s citizens an astonishing urban show mixing, in a great surge of generosity, professional and amateur artists, music and fireworks, parades and disguises.

The show’s designers created the symbolic character, Sancho, a giant puppet representing the collective imagination and the social engagement of a mixed-race population.
The idea was to create a dreamlike show that gave people another image of their daily world than the one that they had and especially to get them to participate fully in this new kind of ritual, this Utopian search full of energy and hope for better preparing the future.
In 2002 and 2006, La Louvière was again reunited with its hero, Sancho, who, once again, took down the moon at the top of the Church.
The third edition benefited from the extraordinary participation of the singer and musician, Catherine Lara, and several street theatre companies of international renown, without forgetting the numerous young volunteers from the region.

banque nationale 150 years

Corporate Show

Brussels, BEL

Fantastic ! Sublime ! Unforgettable ! The 8,000 people invited to the 150th birthday of the National Bank of Belgium were not short of superlatives for describing the show conceived by Luc PETIT in order to celebrate the event.

A mechanical doll that had escaped from a box of toys, stilt-walkers of a thousand colours, dancers, a clown that was the most dancing of clowns, a rider like a red flame, such were the ingredients chosen by Luc Petit to stage the show celebrating the 150 years of the National Bank of Belgium.

More than 300 artists and 200 technicians took part in the creation of this event. A fascinating and unforgettable creation that was full of poetry!


Opening Ceremony

Brussels, BEL

The arrival of a 17-metre-tall white giant in a stadium for the kick-off of EUROFOOT 2000 (3rd world class event), is among the powerful images that will have immortalized those exceptional event. The apotheosis that comes from the sky illuminates thousands of spectators and millions of television viewers.

jean-michel jarre


Paris, FRA

Celebrated as a pioneer of the one of the music industry’s major trends of today, electronic music, Jean-Michel JARRE was the first to create a new kind of outdoor concert event that is still absolutely unique.

Among these, Paris-La Défense in 1990, a mega-concert with more than 2,000,000 spectators.

It was to Luc PETIT that the “making-of” of this event had been entrusted. More than 1,000 people involved, three weeks of installation and assembly, 9 video teams, a 35mm team, more than 60 hours of shooting….
A perfect subject for an extraordinary “making-of”, at the heart of the backstage world…