Commeroration show

Waterloo, BEL

A battlefield filled with dreams and emotions. This is how Luc PETIT and VO COMMUNICATION imagined INFERNO, the opening show for the commemorations of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

Seeking inspiration from the poem «L’expiation» by Victor Hugo to tell the story and construct the set, he transported the 12 000 members of the audience, into the heart of the fighting’s inferno and the poetry of the show.

On a 170-metre long stage, 300 re-enactors, 50 horses and 150 performers recreated the Emperor’s final battle in an apocalyptic atmosphere.

Breathing out of a fiery lion’s mouth to the sound of drums and bagpipes, soldiers, artillerymen and cavalrymen participated in the giant game of chess that Napoleon and Wellington were actually playing in front of the awestruck audience.


Artistic direction and staging



VO Communication, Verhulst Events
and Partners and ASBL Bataille de Waterloo 1815

With the participation of

Bernard Yerlès
in the role of Victor Hugo and the violinist Grégoire Dune


Best Exceptional Event at the «Salon des Trophées de l’Evénement 2016» in Cannes for the events of WATERLOO 2015 for which Luc PETIT did the show INFERNO


Golden prize at the BEA 2016 in Belgium


8 Awards at the EuBea 2015 in Seville