Fashion parade

Montreal, CAN

For the 2011 JUSTFESTIVAL in Montreal, street performers presented a carnival based on the fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier – social, elegant and playful – during a colourful weekend. A magnificent homage that even France has never paid to the bad boy of fashion!

Based on an original idea by Danielle Roy, in line with the “La planète mode de Jean Paul Gaultier – De la rue aux étoiles” exhibition presented at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Canadian artist and Luc Petit offered the public the JEAN PAUL GAULTIER PARADE and finale.

This international parade brought together numerous professional artists but it was, above all, the 1600 or so citizens of Greater Montreal who took part in the festivities.
As we all know, Jean Paul Gaultier has always found inspiration in the street for the creation of his fantastic fashion shows. This time, it was the street that drew inspiration from him.

Of course, the inescapable sailor’s shirts were there but the streets were also filled with Jean Paul Gaultier’s corsets and their conical cups, created by the designer for the singer Madonna.

Even Rose, the fiancée of Victor, the emblematic green Just for Laughs chap, was wearing the corset… on her head.

It was the French designer himself who opted for this touch of madness.

This is what the festival-goers were treated to on Saturday 16th July thanks to this huge “prêt-a-porter” procession, which strolled down from the museum to the Place des Arts.

On Sunday 17th July, the parade was staged by Luc Petit and transformed into a huge street show on the Place des Festivals.

The performers shared the stage with the citizens and brought to life a series of eight scenes, inspired by the themes presented in Jean Paul Gaultier’s designs, while dancing steps learnt during the various preparatory workshops.
While the costumes dazzled the crowds and the hairdos and makeup were reminiscent of the world’s greatest fashion shows
, the project’s ambition was, above all, to mix the emotional with the spectacular.

A carnival presented within the framework of JUST FOR LAUGHS and produced by ROYbox, with the amicable participation of Jean Paul Gaultier, who said he was touched at the sight of the procession which, for him, was like a “childhood dream”.


LUC PETIT and Danielle ROY



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