La parade blanche

Grand Parade

Montreal, CAN

To bring the Juste pour Rire Festival in Montreal to a close, the designer Danielle Roy had made a crazy wager with Luc Petit : that of gathering together nearly 800 festival-goers and transforming them into street artists for an evening.

After ten days of intensive preparatory workshops during which they created costumes, accessories and make-up, learnt how to handle lighting and to stroll with Mr. Zo and attended percussion courses supervised by Samajam, they joined the local and international artists in order to offer an imposing carnival to a crowd of more than 100,000 spectators.

A true anthem to the nature of Quebec, this parade where one saw pieces of forests, lakes and icebergs processing, fish jumping and animals dancing, also accommodated a man, a 51-foot giant who carried the future within him.

A beautiful popular festival and a successful wager thanks to these conveyors of dreams. Le Grand Charivarir… A folly that’s the opposite of winter.



Art Direction

Danielle ROY