La Parade de MONS


Mons, BEL

A surrealist show, The rock ‘n’ roll capital, The bus has started up, A dream become reality, these were the headlines in the press the day after the presentation of the Mons 2015 programme. A big crazy party, that’s how Luc Petit wanted to present the European Capital of Culture.

And he dared do it! In front of an audience of 3000 guests and more than 200 journalists who had come for the press conference, a real ballet of TEC buses was set in motion. In a perfectly orchestrated choreography and set against a cloud of smoke, the buses came forward one after the other. Pirouetting in the hall of Lotto Mons Expo, they opened their doors to the artists and extras who revealed the areas given pride of place in 2015: theatre, exhibitions, multicultural exchanges, music, dance, fashion, photography and associations. Mixing styles and types of music, the original show surprised the audience and quickly whipped up their enthusiasm. A complete and astonishing show that certainly created a buzz. Also a great moment for all the participants because culture is everywhere and for everyone, just like a wonderful human adventure that has just begun. Luc Petit succeeded once again, with a great deal of humour, in breaking the codes by giving this press conference a quirky tone in an exceptional atmosphere.

Artistic direction



MONS 2015