Le Noël d’Anoki

Heritage Opera

Wallonia Tour, BEL

Anoki, the polar bear, star of Luc PETIT’s new creation, an animated puppets more than real, walks around, wiggles, plays maliciously with public and arouses curiosity, emotions and wonder in children and adults’ eyes.

A universe of Icy ice field in a cathedral… A polar bear alone, lost on an iceberg adrift… Dark nights without stars and full of questions… And then an accounter. A little Inuit elf comes forward and tames the bear. The hope starts to grow again and together, confident, they walk into the future accompanied by characters ever more surprising than the other. Dancers with bear heads and stag heads, a tree-stilt walker and even a minstrel out of glass come together to make the magic of Christmas happen and to replace winter by springs : the almond tree blooms again in Bethléem !

Once more, Michel TEHEUX’s story is bringing us into a beautiful tale about a new birth reviving hope. A magical and spectacular staging by Luc PETIT enlights four major places of walloon’s heritage during 100 exceptional performances.

Artistic direction and staging



Michel Teheux


Les Nocturnales ASBL