Corporate show

Avenches, CHE

It was again on Luc Petit’s talent that Nespresso called for the inauguration of its new factory in Avenches, Switzerland.
Architecture, passion, light and human strength were 
the four cornerstones of this bespoke show for Nespresso.
The ideas melded together, the 
architect gathered inspiration, designed and drew. Passion made its entry on to the stage, men and women started to dance, fire flew from their hands and flames pirouetted in space.
Light completely invaded the set, and the modern, graphic universe of the capsule, Nespresso’s icon, made its appearance. Then place for Man, a contortionist offered a tableau combining strength, precision, elegance and perfection. This inaugural show finished with a formidable volley of sound: about fifteen percussionists offered a truly impressive and moving finale.
A production realized in collaboration with Bananas.

Artistic direction and staging