Philip ALEXI – Production Director

12 January 2017
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Philip grew up in Belgium, studied Polytechnics in the UK, music at the Conservatory in Paris, MBA and film producer in the US.

After more than ten years of activity as a development engineer for a major Japanese company and a leading real estate developer in Riyadh, he has had the opportunity to work in the entertainment world for major companies such as Franco Dragone and Cirque de Soleil as an Executive Producer and Production Director.

He produced many opera’s, work of Roman Polanski, Notre Dame de Paris, Peter Pan world tour, productions in Dubai, residential shows is China, as well as productions for famous popstars.

In addition to his daily job as Executive Producer, Philip is writing and co-producing movies such as Living the Present, Apparently Dead, l’Ame Volé for which he composed as well the music scores.