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Amway China

In order to celebrate its 15th anniversary, Amway China, the multi-level marketing company, invited 1,200 of its distributors to Geneva for an extraordinary evening gala.

The scenery of the show included a central stage and four side stages surrounded by 220 metres of video screens. Designed like a time-machine by Luc Petit CREATION, a succession of exceptional scenes moved across the screens.


Thanks to this 360° stage arrangement, the delighted audience was able to find itself at the very heart of the action. Dancers, stilt-walkers and circus performers pirouetted in their flamboyant gold costumes while magicians of fire and the most beautiful pyrotechnical effects were on display. The show then reached its apotheosis with suspended drums and an impressive flight of an eagle before a circular screen of water placed at the centre of three rings of time. Softly-falling snow brought a particularly magical touch.

A spectacle produced in collaboration with the MCI Group.

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