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Amway Munich

On June 2nd, MCI Genève and Luc Petit CREATION were given the chance, for the second time, to be masters of work for Amway China’s gala evening in Munich.

For this occasion, Luc Petit designed a universe worthy of the palace of Versailles. After being welcomed by a group of local dancers, the guests entered the reception room through an enormous inflatable lion’s head of a height of more than 10 meters. Once inside, they had the chance to discover the suspended gardens that were set up above the tables. On the main stage, a baroque mirror measuring tens of meters in length hid the 80 VIPs whose presence was revealed to the audience when the giant mirror was hoisted up.  On stage, the audience could appreciate a gigantic castle décor, which served to support the video mapping effects that were present throughout the show.


Inspired by Dani Lary’s great illusions, the show director decided to sublimate the magician’s work by integrating him into a staging that consisted of no less than 30 dancers, 15 magicians, 20 swordsmen, 3 “Haute-Ecole” horses, a group of parrots, waterfall fountains that could be seen on stage and in periphery all throughout the room, and lastly, comedians that acted upside down in the suspended gardens!

Throughout the show, the great illusions never stopped : double-headed mimes, a waterfall of thousands of flowers, fountains appearing from side to side, performances from the “Haute Ecole”, levitation, appearance of parrots, disappearance into fire, flying pianos, cape fights and swordfights all this topped off by the presence of Pegasus in a carriage. Such were some of the scenes that made up this unique performance!

The show, which was heightened by the presence and performance of the world-renown violinist Edwin Marton, ended with a festival of indoor pyrotechnics worthy of the greatest Versailles celebrations.

This production is the result of an intimate collaboration between MCI Genève, the producer of this event, and designed this incredible and unique show!

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