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Millenium, a huge laser mapping show, realized to make a century unforgettable, is a real technical prowness and a world premiere.
In order to tell 1000 years of History and to discover the Saint-Jacques collegiate church of Liège through its architectural treasures, Luc PETIT and Michel TEHEUX imagined a grandiose and very visual patrimonial opera.
During this show, the public was guided by a facetious little monkey, escaped from the medieval choir stalls. By following these aerial dances in the choir and along the nave, the eyes were able to capture the beauty of this edifice.

Some monumental laser projections allowed to draw and to emphasize the unsuspected architectural details. And if the impressive visual effects gave to the show a very modern impression, the organ music and poestry, offered by a mysterious master of ceremonies, added some magic in this original creation

Thanks to this new concept of highlighting, Millenium gathered youngs and adults in a history-filled and forward-looking place.

Credits :
Photos : Frédéric MOIS
Video : Laurent TIXHON

Millénium - Les Imaginaires de Saint-Jacques vimeo play

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