Noël des Cathédrales

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Noël des Cathédrales

A camel …. 5 meters high, a huge articulated marionette of 2 tonnes. Three kings … to narrate a birth story. Looking at the stars they dream to be led to Bethléem.

The old christmas story rewritten by Michel TEHEUX comes to life in three cathedrals tranformed by the magic of lights, theater, projections and the Luc PETIT’s dreamlike staging.dromadaire
NOEL DES CATHEDRALES, with its original concept, « rereads » an iconic story and « revisits » some major places of the architectural heritage. The beauty of the show, combined with the subtle and poetic alliance of these two reappropiations, enhance in a unique way these places where the magic comes alive for a few nights.

The cathedrals Saint-Paul of Liège and Saint Aubain of Namur as well as the Sainte-Wadru collegiate church of Mons welcomed this rewritten christmas story through the eyes of the magi and their complicity with Chamôh who conquired everone’s heart.

Crédits :
Photos : Frédéric MOIS & Leslie ARTAMONOV
Video : Laurent TIXHON

Noël des Cathédrales 2015 vimeo play


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