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For the celebration of the company’s 15th anniversary, Telenet decided to pull out all the stops.
Escape Event, the project manager for the evening event, called on Luc Petit CREATION to devise a show to sublimate this major step in the telecommunications company’s evolution.

In a studio measuring several hundred square metres, equipped with an indoor swimming pool, Luc Petit was able to give his imagination free rein and take up new challenges with his teams.
A transparent stage flooded in smoke and lighting effects seemed to be floating on the water. This special place was designed for acrobatic performances reflecting Telenet’s guiding lines such as dynamism, perseverance, passion and innovation. All these values were poetically illustrated by balancing acts, fire juggling and diabolo performances. Strange characters glided past each other on the surface of the water, as though suspended in the air, while mermaids appeared from the watery depths.

A 12-metre high tower, serving as a video screen, broke through the surface of the water and took the audience into the different universes of the scenes. Divers suddenly appeared from the top of what was truly a “building” to perform increasingly spectacular dives.

The show reached its climax when one of them climbed up a rope ladder leading to the building’s metal beams situated above the audience. The audience held its breath until the diver disappeared under the waves after a 20-metre high free fall ! The crowd applauded the artist’s daring with a standing ovation!

This production, with lighting effects designed by Koert Vermeulen, is a new success for the entire Luc Petit CREATION team !

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