Texas Aggies go to war

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Texas Aggies go to war

As a tribute to the heroes of the Battle of the Ardennes, Luc Petit CREATION and Tempora created an ambitious show on the site of the Mardasson Memorial in Bastogne.

Covered in projection screens, the monument became the showcase for a pyrotechnical and video mapping show where archive images, photos and videos related the story of five Texas Aggies, students from Texas A&M University, who took part in the Second World War.

Through a series of moving historical scenes, Luc Petit evoked the lives of these students, with a promising future, who left everything behind to come to the aid of Europe, which was under the yoke of the Nazis. Scenes of the Normandy landings, the Liberation and the ultimate bloody battle followed one another until the final scene, dedicated to reconciliation and memory, in the hope that such a disaster will never happen again.

A show admired by more than 5000 people of all ages, touched by the devotion and sacrifice of these heroes who bravely fought for the freedom of the Belgian people.


Produced by the Bastogne War Museum

Co-designed by Tempora (Christophe Gaeta) and Luc Petit CREATION

Directed by Luc Petit CREATION

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